CT Safety Spotlight: Distracted Driving

Connecticut Safety Spotlights

Periodically, the Connecticut Dept. of Transportation (CT DOT) chooses a topic of interest from the state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan to highlight in “Connecticut Safety Spotlights“. The CT Safety Spotlights are a series of informational briefs, providing updates and the latest data on various topics in traffic safety.

DD enforcement sign

CT DOT purchased signage provided to agencies for use during enforcement periods.

April was Distracted Driving Awareness month, as declared by the National Highway of Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The CT Safety Spotlight, “New Distractions for Divers – A Growing Concern“, discusses the impact of distracted driving, both nationally as well as right here at home. The brief highlights how some distractions can be categorized, including:

  • visual distractions, that require looking away from the road
  • manual distractions, that require taking your hand or hands off the steering wheel
  • cognitive distractions, that involve thinking about something other than your driving task

Readers can learn more about what the state is doing to reduce distracted driving, including enforcement from the state and municipal police, working towards passing stricter legislation on distracted driving and the community outreach from Connecticut transportation agencies. Also included in the CT Safety Spotlights are the strategies used and overall results of the 2016 state-wide Distracted Driving Campaign.

To read more about the dangers of distracted driving and all of the state’s hard work to save lives, check out the Connecticut Safety Spotlights. 

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