Slow Down and Unplug

Link between social media use and negative driving behaviors.

CT Safety Spotlight: Distracted Pedestrians

The CT Safety Spotlight brief "Heads Up!! Distracted Pedestrians" dives into the data on the proportion of pedestrians who talk, text or listen to music while crossing the road and how those distracted behaviors result in an increase in pedestrian deaths.

3 Seconds Behind The Wheel

Watch the CTSRC research staff along with individuals from MIT and Cambridge Mobile Telematics in the CPTV and Boyd Productions joint project "3 Seconds Behind the Wheel", a documentary that follows 8 strangers to capture their daily driving behaviors and distractions behind the wheel.

CT Safety Spotlight: Distracted Driving

The CT Safety Spotlights are a series of informational briefs, providing updates and the latest data on various topics in traffic safety.

Are We Addicted To Distraction??

We have shifted into a new age where almost anything and everything can be done online or on a computer. Smartphones, for example, are a critical part of communication for a large percentage of society and their value will only increase over time. This is partially due to the fact that smartphones are now equipped with dozens … Continue reading Are We Addicted To Distraction??