Cannabis and Driving

Researchers at the Connecticut Transportation Institute conducted a study of resident's cannabis use habits. A survey was used to collect self-reported time waiting after cannabis use to drive and opinions about the associated driving risks. The findings revealed more frequent cannabis users of both medicinal and recreational cannabis reported waiting less time before driving. Frequent … Continue reading Cannabis and Driving

Less traffic during COVID, but a greater number of deaths

Dr. Eric Jackson, Executive Director of the Connecticut Transportation Institute, and I share our opinions on why traffic related deaths have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide suggestions on how drivers can decrease their chances of a motor vehicle crash. Read more in The Conversation: Traffic is down on American highways during the pandemic, … Continue reading Less traffic during COVID, but a greater number of deaths

Teenage Travel Behavior in Connecticut

The CTSRC conducted a research study that sought to examine the travel behavior and potential mobility barriers of Connecticut teenagers. The motivation for this study partially stemmed from the effects of Graduated Driver's Licensing, which has some teens deferring getting a driver's license until they face fewer restrictions. This also highlighted that not much is … Continue reading Teenage Travel Behavior in Connecticut

Transportation and COVID-19

This past spring, during a peak time for COVID-19's presence in the state, traffic safety partners from across Connecticut came together to examine the impact of Governor Lamont's stay-at-home order on motor vehicle crashes in the state. Motor vehicle crash (MVC) data from the Connecticut Crash Data Repository and daily vehicle miles traveled (DVMT) data … Continue reading Transportation and COVID-19

CTSRC Granted 5-Year Extension for Safety Analysis Tool

The nearly decade-long partnership between the Connecticut DOT and the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center is set to continue and bring forth state-of-the-art analysis tools for traffic safety. The CTDOT awarded the CTSRC a five-year extension to their grant to expand their highway safety analysis tool. Utilizing motor vehicle crash and roadway data, the tool … Continue reading CTSRC Granted 5-Year Extension for Safety Analysis Tool

Crash Dashboards Update

The Connecticut Crash Data Repository (CTCDR) CAST and Crash Emphasis Dashboards were recently updated to include motor vehicle crash data from January 1, 2017 to July 1, 2020. The CTCDR Dashboards were created using Tableau, professional data visualization software. The dashboards provide summary pages of graphs and tables where the crash data can be filtered … Continue reading Crash Dashboards Update