7 Major Psychological Perspectives

The field of psychology and the subjects that are studied within the discipline continue to grow and flourish as humans, and social interaction evolves. Several lenses are used to examine and define how humans feel, think, and behave. Contemporary psychological research has identified seven distinct perspectives. Although most psychologists practice using material and knowledge from … Continue reading 7 Major Psychological Perspectives

Autonomous Vehicles: Public Opinion

The environmental impact and societal implications of CADS becomes more palpable as developments in intelligent vehicle technology continue to evolve. Manufacturers are building systems with more autonomy so vehicles can take on more task by themselves, but does increased autonomy mean increased confidence? The level of social acceptance and continued education of CADS is directly related to their effectiveness in reducing motor vehicle crashes. Just how far away from social acceptance of CADS are we?

Autonomous Vehicles: Testing & Tech

An update on the latest in connected and autonomous vehicle systems.

CTI’s New Executive Director

The CTSRC staff would like to congratulate Dr. Eric Jackson on becoming the newly appointed Executive Director of the Connecticut Transportation Institute at the University of Connecticut! While undertaking this new opportunity, Dr. Jackson will remain Director of the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center and continue to bring growth and innovation to the transportation industry. … Continue reading CTI’s New Executive Director

Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center 2017-2018 Bi-annual Report

Check out the CTSRC's 2017-2018 Bi-annual Report!

Culture and Travel Behavior

How do cultural differences influence travel behavior and traffic engineering?