CTSRC Granted 5-Year Extension for Safety Analysis Tool

The nearly decade-long partnership between the Connecticut DOT and the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center is set to continue and bring forth state-of-the-art analysis tools for traffic safety.

The CTDOT awarded the CTSRC a five-year extension to their grant to expand their highway safety analysis tool. Utilizing motor vehicle crash and roadway data, the tool allows for the analysis of multiple crash types (i.e., pedestrian-involved, DUI, speed) and provides relevant engineering solutions for the areas in which these crashes occur. Once a countermeasure has been implemented, the safety analysis tool will also analyze crash data in the years that follow to measure the effectiveness of the change.

The CTSRC’s Shanshan Zhao, Ph.D. is the PI and manager for this project. Dr. Zhao earned her doctorate in Transportation Systems Engineering with a concentration on Transportation Safety from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is experienced in analyzing motor vehicle data at disaggregate and aggregate levels and estimating and predicting crash and injury frequencies.

Learn more about the Safety Analysis Tool in UConn Today.

For more information about Dr. Zhao’s projects or the CTSRC, visit ctsrc.uconn.edu

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