#BeAware Podcast: Behavior Analysis and It’s Role in the Traffic Safety Family

In recent years, the focus within the traffic safety community has expanded to now incorporate the examination and analysis of driver behavior. One major reason for this shift is because of the ever growing problem of distracted driving. We here at the Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center wanted to take the time to explain not only the necessity of this shift in focus but also how the formation of this new partnership between the existing traffic safety community and behavioral analysts, such as myself, will go a long way in aiding the fight to save lives.
#BeAware is a podcast created by Sgt. Charles Grasso (Ret.), Crash Data Liaison for the CTSRC. During this episode, entitled ‘Behavioral Analysis’, Charles and I discuss in depth how behavioral analysis can help identify risky behavior among drivers and how that information can then be used to develop behavior-change interventions best suited to deter that type of behavior. Teen drivers are the focus group of this podcast episode, as they are the most prevalent group among distracted driving fatality and injury statistics.
In addition, this episode also discusses the ‘Stop The Knock’ campaign developed by Oklahoma State Trooper, Ron Davis. One of the most difficult parts of an officer’s job is  to notify next of kin that their loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle crash. We hope to reduce the number of “knocks” law enforcement have to make by doing whatever we have to to reduce the number of motor vehicle fatalities and encourage drivers to be safer on the road. Kevin Slater, Crash Data Liaison for the CTSRC, explains how UConn and the CTSRC introduced a contest with a cash prize incentive for students, asking them to create their own version of the campaign. Francis Fritz Gilbert was our winner with the great message “It’s better to miss a text than to miss a friend”.
Links to the winning video and the #BeAware Podcast can be found below!

#BeAware Podcast – Behavioral Analysis

Stop the Knock PSA Contest Winner


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