Study on Marijuana Use and Driving

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Less traffic during COVID, but a greater number of deaths

Dr. Eric Jackson, Executive Director of the Connecticut Transportation Institute, and I share our opinions on why traffic related deaths have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide suggestions on how drivers can decrease their chances of a motor vehicle crash. Read more in The Conversation: Traffic is down on American highways during the pandemic, … Continue reading Less traffic during COVID, but a greater number of deaths

Transportation and COVID-19

This past spring, during a peak time for COVID-19's presence in the state, traffic safety partners from across Connecticut came together to examine the impact of Governor Lamont's stay-at-home order on motor vehicle crashes in the state. Motor vehicle crash (MVC) data from the Connecticut Crash Data Repository and daily vehicle miles traveled (DVMT) data … Continue reading Transportation and COVID-19

Modernizing Mobility: The Risks and Rewards

Modernizing Mobility: The Risks and Rewards

Autonomous Vehicles: Testing & Tech

An update on the latest in connected and autonomous vehicle systems.