CT Safety Spotlight: Distracted Pedestrians

The CT Safety Spotlight brief "Heads Up!! Distracted Pedestrians" dives into the data on the proportion of pedestrians who talk, text or listen to music while crossing the road and how those distracted behaviors result in an increase in pedestrian deaths.

CT Safety Spotlight: HAWK Pedestrian Signals

The CT Safety Spotlights are a series of informational briefs, providing updates and the latest data on various topics in traffic safety.

Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

In a previous post, I discussed some traffic psychology-related issues that may contribute to the risk pedestrians face while interacting with motor vehicles (read more here). Although similar in terms of vulnerability in the traffic environment, bicyclists and pedestrians are two very distinct groups and should be treated as such in terms of educational outreach, … Continue reading Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!

Since 2015, at least 151 pedestrians in Connecticut have been killed in collisions with motor vehicles* (CTCDR, 2017). This equates to nearly one death a week during this time period. Pedestrians, also known as non-motorists, are a unique and particularly vulnerable population. Non-motorists, for all intents and purposes, are a minority group in transportation. Some argue the reason … Continue reading Slow Your Roll for Non-Motorists!