7 Major Psychological Perspectives

The field of psychology and the subjects that are studied within the discipline continue to grow and flourish as humans, and social interaction evolves. Several lenses are used to examine and define how humans feel, think, and behave. Contemporary psychological research has identified seven distinct perspectives. Although most psychologists practice using material and knowledge from … Continue reading 7 Major Psychological Perspectives

Culture and Travel Behavior

How do cultural differences influence travel behavior and traffic engineering?

3 Seconds Behind The Wheel

Watch the CTSRC research staff along with individuals from MIT and Cambridge Mobile Telematics in the CPTV and Boyd Productions joint project "3 Seconds Behind the Wheel", a documentary that follows 8 strangers to capture their daily driving behaviors and distractions behind the wheel.

Environmental Influences on Behavior

As a behavior analyst, it is my job to study human behavior. Using empirical-based evidence (i.e. verifiable research), I search for observable patterns in behavior and try to define them. Part of that includes understanding everything in a person's environment that can influence his or her behavior.

Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

In a previous post, I discussed some traffic psychology-related issues that may contribute to the risk pedestrians face while interacting with motor vehicles (read more here). Although similar in terms of vulnerability in the traffic environment, bicyclists and pedestrians are two very distinct groups and should be treated as such in terms of educational outreach, … Continue reading Vulnerable Road Users: Bicyclists

100 Deadliest Days of Summer

The period from Memorial Day to Labor Day, marks the annual ‘100 Deadliest Days of Summer,’ according to many traffic safety reports. USA Today reported that teenage drivers (aged 16 to 19, in particular) are at an increased risk of being involved not only in a crash, but also in a fatal crash during this time period.

Mature Drivers

The United States driving population is steadily aging, with reports estimating that there will be approximately 38 million drivers older than age 70 on roads in the U.S. by the year 2020 (5). Mature driver involvement in fatal crashes is projected to increase 155% by 2030, accounting for over half (54%) of the total projected … Continue reading Mature Drivers